Miniature Nudes

In this series of nudes the basis is collage which I apply with just a loose concept in mind and then develop form and pose going forward from the outcome with pencil, acrylic paint and watercolour.

The Happiness in Between

Exploring landscape and its depth through the autumnal abundance of berries, this practise brought me back to composition and simplicity in an elementary colour scheme in print, collage and pencil on card.

Miniature Portraits

Exploring emotional bodies very loosely through mixed media, this miniature practise flows in between bigger conceptual work and is like an artistic playground visit where everything is possible and the characters are waiting for their introduction.


About 12 years ago at my tape-art exhibition opening I noticed an elderly lady and her male companion walking hand in hand with twinkly eyes, sticking their heads together chatting in front of pictures – they just had an all together lovely energy around them. The lady later came up to me and whispered that she would like to purchase that (pointed at) picture but that her husband was not to know as it was a surprise for their wedding anniversary. I reserved the picture and the lady returned without her husband to pick up her “treasure” as she called it. She told me that it reminded the 2 of them of the time when they were young and had just met and they were taking long walks along the cliffs and were both very new to each other. I felt so honoured to now be part of this lovely story. As the lady and I stood in front of the picture she tilted her head to the left and to the right and looked all happy. On closer inspection of the title tag she turned to me and said “I just love the picture but tell me, why did you call it “kiss”? I was a bit baffled and stayed quiet for a moment and then asked her what she sees in it. She said “a landscape with cliffs”. As we were standing very close to the picture I could suddenly see it. I took her gently by the arm and led her over to the opposite wall and turned her around to have another look at her picture from afar. She looked and looked and then exclaimed “It is 2 people kissing”. she was over the moon and couldn’t wait for the anniversary to tell her husband about the cliffs and the kissing… both part of their story and I am still feeling blessed to be…

„Kiss“ | 50x50cm | Tape-Art – solely self adhesive tape on canvas

Anything Worth Taking Seriously Is Worth Making Fun Of

I have been working professionally with typography and started creating Typo-Tape-Art to step away from the seriousness of the matter. I hand cut letters from tape and arrange them in an order that pays tribute to Bauhaus and Art-Deco aspects with a strong influence of 80s style mix tapes. The result is abstract yet readable and the quote something that I find noteworthy and it often reflects occurrences in my life. These are great conversation starter when people try to decipher the message. The metal background reflects the colours of the surroundings and person in front of it. Commissions of own quotes welcome.

Bleak Midwinter

From a series of landscapes created with print, collage and pencil on card where my aim was to capture the sensation (scent or feel) of a place while relating to the landscape in a monochrome manner, reduced to the bare minimum.

I still look up to the sky…

I still look up to the sky… at day to the shades of blue and the rhythm of clouds and at night to the cloak of darkness and textured shine and to the moon doing its silvery quiet wake for the day that passed…
thinking of you… as no matter where we are and how many nautical miles are between us, we always share the sky…
and I try to imagine how smooth or rough the sea might be and the extent of reflection and hue of blue in the waves and how the sky and single drops of water form your horizon… while I listen out into the solitude of my room… sometimes… in the dark… trying to hear your smile…